Winter Season


So here we are, the last season of the year. Most of the greenery is gone, and snow is probably already falling in your country. It is a cold and bare season, but there are certainly no fewer possibilities for preserving nature during the winter season. And while there are still some greens to be found outside, I will focus on different textures and natural patterns during this period.

Tiny tresures

With Winter comes the holiday season, so it is time to decorate your home. This Collection will be full of ornaments, tiny and one-of-a-kind treasures to hang everywhere around the house. They will come in all shapes and sizes and multiple colors.

Organic shapes & Natural patterns

The name says it all. This Collection will break away from the usual Oval, Circular, Square shapes you see in other collections and introduce more natural and organic forms. Every tile will have its structure and pattern, so none of them will be the same, making it a real statement in your interior.