Summer Collection



While new beginnings describe Spring, Summer brings nature into its full bloom. This season is about wildflowers and airy, delicate plants, all the way from poppies and cornflowers to all kinds of grasses. For this reason, Summer is my favorite season, to be honest. Not to mention the lovely sound of humming of bees working so hard to collect every drop of pollen out of these flowers.

“the hum of bees is the voice of the garden.”


Edible Garden

This Collection is a sequel to the Edible Garden Collection introduced during Spring, but with a little change. While the Spring Collection focuses on the “early form” of edible flowers, plants, and herbs, we will move on preserving them in their fully developed form in the Summer Edition. I hope you will find a matching or additional piece and have your own Edible Garden Botanical Bas-reliëf Collection.

Wildflower Season

As I mentioned before, Summer’s main characteristics are the variety of wildflowers and plants grown out on the fields, on meadows, at the side of the roads, or in vast forests. So the Wildflower Collection is one of those that each year I cannot wait to start making. Wildflowers are often forgotten and usually seen as a weed. I’m of a different opinion, so expect to see some wild and abstract compositions with each piece and witness how unique these flowers genuinely are from the rest.