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The first blog is a fact!

Gepubliceerd op 5 juli 2021 om 07:37

Finally the day has come where I can say our website is life! We had a few setback, but here we are;)

Now that our website is open, I will send out a newsletter with the exact date of the shop update *YAY*
There are some awsome things coming up for Badgers & Berries like an intervieuw for a big magazine, new selling points etc. etc.
and I really can't wait to share these with you! 

I will write about different things here on my blog, and I was thinking to share our gardening tips, info about wild edible plants+recepices  & everything about bees here to, what dou you think?

Anyway, enough to write about. First I'm going to focus on our shop update (that will be here soon!) and we're busy on making everything ready for our visit to Hungary. 

Soon I'll be back to write a new blog! I would love to see your comment below about your thoughts of our new website


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Prachtige website met heel mooie spullen, ik ben fan.