Autumn Season



Autumn, a season when the last flowers bloom. In the garden, among some other plants, beautiful Anemones are still blooming, while the leaves from the trees already start to fall down. I think this is the season to enjoy that last bit of green around us before everything is covered under a thick layer of snow. So during this period, I will focus on the late bloomers and the complex, natural structures of the leaves and seasonal plants that are unique for this period.


Framed Florals

As Autumn brings flowers that are one of the last ones growing before Winter kicks in, I wanted to make them extra special. How better could I do it than by framing them? And by framing, I do not mean to put them in an actual frame but to cast a frame-like structure in the plaster, which makes each tile a unique statement piece by themselves.

Lost Leaves

I’m sure that if I asked you to describe Autumn, you would most probably mention leaves turning their color and falling to the ground. If you pick up some leaves and look a bit closer, there is something beautiful about their structure. With such a Botanical Tile, you will most definitely bring that cozy Autumn feeling into your home.